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Lead Creative Director, UX Designer & Visual Storyteller, crafts captivating brand narratives that seamlessly bridge the gap between digital and physical experiences.

"Don’t just sell a product sell something that could change someone’s life."

Säunder Johnson

From Hands-On to Hyperconnected:

Säunder's journey began not just in the enchanting landscapes in New Mexico, but also in a wood shop filled with creativity. This early love of crafting physical objects has blossomed into a passion for bridging the gap between the digital and physical realms through design.

A Blend of Art and User Experience

With a background that spans Architecture, Psychology, and Marketing, Säunder doesn't just design websites – he crafts immersive experiences. By weaving in artistic elements from various mediums, Saunder prioritizes sustainability, user connection, and a modern aesthetic.

The Art of User Experience

Dedicated to creating intuitive and pleasurable user experiences, Säunder ensures your website, graphic design, or creative piece of content is not just visually stunning, but also seamlessly functional – a digital space that feels as engaging as a well-crafted physical environment.

Beyond Design: Capturing Your Brand's Story:

Säunder's creative arsenal extends beyond web design. Using the tools of graphic design and photography allows him to capture the essence of your brand and translate it into powerful visuals, further bridging the gap between the digital and the physical perception of your business

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