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Streamline Exteriors

Streamline Exteriors

Streamline Exteriors is a company dedicated to transforming your home's exterior, making it both beautiful and functional. They offer a comprehensive range of services to tackle any outdoor improvement project you might have.
Denver, Colorado

Streamline Exteriors: Cultivating a Brand that Endures

Streamline Exteriors, One of Denver's premier home improvement companies, approached us in collaboration with Odegard & Co. for a brand refresh. Our goal was to develop a powerful identity that reflects their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction while propelling them to the forefront of the industry.

Unveiling Potential:

We embarked on a comprehensive brand analysis, meticulously examining Streamline Exteriors' target demographic and the competitive landscape.  By understanding their ideal customer and industry trends, we pinpointed opportunities for improvement and innovation.

Crafting a Foundation for Innovation:

Building upon our insights, we developed a Minimum Viable Product (MVP): a powerful combination mark that serves as the cornerstone of their brand identity.  This core element ensures brand consistency across all platforms while aligning seamlessly with the established Streamline brand.

Beyond the Standard:

Streamline Exteriors' dedication extends beyond merely meeting customer expectations.  Their focus lies in exceeding them.  We translated this commitment into their branding, ensuring it conveys a sense of innovation and a forward-thinking approach to the industry.

Equipping for Success:

This initial branding step, the combination mark, serves as a launchpad for future brand elements.  It allows Streamline Exteriors to build brand awareness within their budget while laying the groundwork for a comprehensive brand identity that will solidify their position as a leader in Denver's exterior renovation industry.

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