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Talkicity Donations

Talkicity Donations

Talkicity is a dynamic application and website designed to empower users to engage with and foster environmental movements locally or globally. Comprising three distinct components—donations, petitions, and maps—it is optimized for use across mobile devices, tablets, and computers.
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Empowering Environmental Action Through Talkicity Donations

Talkicity Donations is a responsive platform designed to educate, support, and catalyze environmental movements worldwide. Comprising a trio of interconnected components—donations, petitions, and maps—the project is optimized for accessibility across mobile devices, tablets, and computers.

Understanding the Challenge: Addressing Environmental Ignorance

With a focus on environmental toxins and their pervasive impact, Talkicity Donations endeavors to raise awareness and provide actionable information. The project originated from the need to address the lack of organization and accessibility surrounding environmental issues, hindering collective community action.

Prioritizing User Experience: Streamlining Engagement

The project team's role was to develop a seamless user experience, facilitated by in-depth research, iterative design processes, and responsive prototyping. Our goal was to provide users with intuitive pathways to navigate the platform, easily access relevant information, and swiftly contribute to environmental causes through donations.

Testing and Launch: Enhancing Accessibility and Iteration

Through usability studies and feedback loops, we refined Talkicity Donations to meet the diverse needs of our user base. Key findings informed design refinements, including adjustments to color schemes, typography choices, and interface layouts, ensuring accessibility and clarity for all users across devices.

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