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PreFab Depot

PreFab Depot

PreFab Depot simplifies commercial construction with pre-engineered metal buildings (PEMBs). They offer business owners a streamlined and reliable building solution, empowering clients to navigate the complexities of construction with confidence.
Denver, Colorado

Building a Foundation of Recognition:

PreFab Depot, a champion of efficient construction with PEMBs, partnered with us and Odegard & Co. to craft a brand strategy that reflects their streamlined approach. We delivered a cohesive visual identity, starting with a versatile word mark that exuded strength and trust. This foundation was complemented by a memorable icon, instantly recognizable across marketing materials.  For larger applications, a powerful combination mark was also created.  To ensure seamless recognition across all platforms, a unique favicon solidified PreFab Depot's digital presence.

Translating Vision into Visual Identity:

Understanding Nick's vision as the driving force, we translated his passion for simplified construction into the brand identity.  Consistency was key. The logo seamlessly adapted across diverse applications, from social media to print materials, maximizing impact at every touchpoint.  This consistency cemented PreFab Depot's brand recognition.

A Logo that Speaks Volumes:

For PreFab Depot, trust and efficiency are paramount. We mirrored these core values in their logo redesign. Through meticulous exploration of shapes and a carefully chosen color palette, we crafted a logo that speaks to their mission: empowering business owners with knowledge and reliable steel solutions. This logo goes beyond looking good – it carries a deeper message. Strategically incorporated colors and shapes create a symbol that resonates with PreFab Depot's target audience of blue-collar steel workers. This ensures the logo not only looks professional but also feels familiar and trustworthy to their core customer base.

A Brand Built to Last:

By infusing mathematical precision for balance and beauty, we ensured the brand identity, much like a well-designed PEMB, stood strong. This comprehensive brand strategy now empowers PreFab Depot to connect with potential clients and establish themselves as a leader in the pre-engineered metal building industry in the future to come.

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