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Talkicity Petitions

Talkicity Petitions

Talkicity Petition Center allows users to create, share and sign petitions involving environmental contamination both locally and internationally. Talkicity Petitions is a part of a much larger site that will allow users to learn, support, and create environmental movements in their area or around the world.
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Connecting Communities for Environmental Change

Talkicity Petitions provides a platform for individuals to engage in environmental activism by creating, sharing, and signing petitions related to environmental contamination issues. It is part of a larger initiative aimed at empowering users to learn, support, and initiate environmental movements globally.

Understanding the Challenge: Identifying Environmental Needs

Driven by firsthand experiences and the recognition of environmental challenges, our project began with comprehensive research into existing environmental contamination sites. We delved into various sources to understand the scope of the problem and the specific needs of affected communities, laying the groundwork for our initiative.

Prioritizing User Experience: Crafting a Seamless Interface

Our focus throughout the design process was to ensure Talkicity Petitions offered a user-centric experience. We emphasized a clear and intuitive interface, making it easy for users to navigate and engage with petitions effectively. Implementing a well-defined information architecture facilitated quick access to relevant information, empowering users to take action effortlessly.

Testing and Launch: Ensuring Accessibility and Iteration

We prioritized community feedback and beta testing to refine Talkicity Petitions, ensuring it meets the diverse needs of our users. By actively engaging with our community, we refined our designs to enhance accessibility and adaptability across various devices. The iterative process ensured that Talkicity Petitions remains responsive and user-friendly, enabling seamless access to environmental activism for all.

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