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TNT Renovation

TNT Renovation

TNT is Denver's trusted name in premium renovations, breathing new life into homes, combining top-tier craftsmanship with personalized design expertise.
Denver, Colorado

TNT Renovation: Building a Bold Brand Identity

TNT Renovation, a company passionate about breathing new life into living spaces, sought our expertise to craft a brand strategy that embodies their dynamic approach to renovations. Understanding market trends and TNT's unique perspective was crucial.  In collaboration with Odegard & Co., we embarked on a comprehensive analysis to assess the competitive landscape and identify opportunities for TNT to stand out. This collaborative effort ensured the new brand strategy perfectly reflected TNT's values: professionalism, reliability, and a touch of creative spark.  With this foundation in place, we could then translate the strategy into a powerful visual identity.

Crafting a Cohesive Brand Identity:

Through a collaborative process, we developed a brand strategy that embodies TNT Renovation's core values. This strategy translated into a comprehensive brand package:

  • Brand Marks: We designed both a Word Mark and a Combination Mark. The Word Mark itself conveys a sense of strength and stability, perfect for a company entrusted with clients' homes. The combination mark pairs the word mark with a symbolic element, further solidifying brand recognition and potentially incorporating a touch of creativity that reflects TNT's design expertise.
  • Icon & Favicon: A unique icon was created to represent TNT Renovation visually, capturing the essence of their work in a simple, memorable way. This icon will likely be used across various marketing materials. Additionally, a favicon ensures immediate brand recognition on digital platforms like a website or social media.
  • Brand Pattern: We developed a custom pattern that complements the logo and icon. This pattern can be used strategically to add visual interest and create a sense of brand cohesion across various applications, such as website backgrounds or marketing materials.

Building a Strong Foundation:

The brand strategy and design elements were documented in a comprehensive brand book. This serves as a valuable resource, ensuring the consistent application of TNT Renovation's brand identity across all platforms, from marketing materials to physical signage.

Empowering a Powerful Brand:

By establishing a strong brand identity, we equipped TNT Renovation with the visual tools they need to connect with potential clients and establish themselves as a leading force in the renovation industry.

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