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Ana Scaringella is a multifaceted creative who skillfully bridges the gap between languages, design, and project management to bring your digital vision to life.

"I orchestrate the design symphony, ensuring every note – from web design to branding – harmonizes perfectly."

Ana Scaringella

From Languages to Interfaces: A Passion for Communication

Ana Scaringella is a dynamic designer, photographer and entrepreneur fueled by a fervent dedication to the art of effective communication, language, and the rich tapestry of cultures.  Her journey began as a Spanish instructor at the University of New Mexico where she simoultaniously deepened her own connection to the intricacies of language by pursuing a Master's degree in Hispanic literature. Her research prowess led her to present at prestigious institutions like Georgetown University and Texas Tech.

A Unique Blend of Expertise

Ana's background extends far beyond academia.  Her unique blend of experiences as a model, dancer, and literature enthusiast has fostered a profound understanding of the power of language in shaping cultural identities.  This multifaceted perspective informs her design approach, allowing her to craft user interfaces that not only resonate with users but also transcend cultural barriers.

From Classrooms to Thriving Businesses

Leveraging her communication skills and love for languages, Ana dedicated over five years to the world of education.  She then co-founded a thriving design business alongside her husband, Saunder Johnson.  Now, as Lead Project Manager and Project Coordinator, Ana channels her passion and expertise to empower businesses to achieve their digital aspirations.

Translating Vision into Reality

Whether it's orchestrating complex projects, meticulously crafting user interfaces, or providing multilingual support, Ana is a dedicated advocate for her clients.  She possesses a remarkable ability to translate your vision into a vibrant digital reality, ensuring your brand's message resonates with a global audience.

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