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Streamline Electric

Streamline Electric

This Denver-based company goes beyond basic electrical services. They're passionate about creating safe and efficient electrical systems that power your life seamlessly.
Denver Colorado

Shining a Light on Streamline Electric's Online Presence

Understanding the Market Landscape:

Together with Odegard & Co., we conducted a competitive analysis of Denver's electrical service providers. This helped us understand Streamline Electric's position and identify opportunities to differentiate their website.  Additionally, we collaborated to develop a content strategy that resonates with local residents and clearly communicates Streamline's value proposition.

Building User Trust and Empowerment:

The new website prioritizes user-friendliness and clear communication.  Intuitive navigation and readily available information make it easy for Denver residents to find the electrical services they need.   Building trust is key, so we prominently showcase Streamline Electric's credentials and team experience, highlighting their expertise and fostering confidence in potential customers.

Accessibility for a Seamless User Experience:

We designed the website with accessibility in mind.  Responsive design ensures a smooth experience across all devices, from desktop computers to tablets and smartphones.  Clear and concise language makes navigating the website and finding information a breeze.  Additionally, prominent displays of team member credentials further build user trust in Streamline's abilities.

Beyond Aesthetics: Functionality Matters:

This website goes beyond looking good; it's designed for functionality.  The site seamlessly adapts to seven distinct device orientations, ensuring a smooth experience regardless of the device used.  A strong focus on data security is evident with a detailed Privacy Policy guaranteeing user information is handled responsibly and adheres to data protection standards.  Automated data backups provide an additional layer of security and ensure business continuity.

This user-centric website empowers Streamline Electric to connect with Denver residents in a clear, accessible, and trustworthy manner.

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