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Living Decor Store

Living Decor Store

Living Decor Store crafts custom plant installations for businesses. These enhance aesthetics, air quality, and customer experience, with expert design and ongoing maintenance ensuring each project thrives.
Denver, Colorado

Living Decor Store: Transforming Businesses with Indoor Greenery

Living Decor Store is a haven for plant enthusiasts, offering a unique service for businesses. They design and install custom-built wooden structures that showcase beautiful, healthy plants. This not only enhances a space's aesthetics but also improves air quality and creates a welcoming atmosphere for customers. Living Decor Store goes beyond simple plant sales; they offer expert design consultations, ongoing maintenance, and a commitment to ensuring each installation thrives.

Understanding the Market Landscape and Refining Brand Voice

To effectively position Living Decor Store within the competitive landscape, we conducted a thorough analysis of the industry. This research in collaboration with Odegard & Co. included competitor evaluations, market trends, and target audience insights. This data, combined with brand voice refinement, ensured Living Decor Store's messaging resonated with potential clients. We crafted a voice that was both professional and approachable, highlighting their expertise and passion for creating urban oases within businesses.

Conceptualizing the Trifold: A Portable Oasis

The initial concept for the trifold brochure focused on Living Decor Store's core offering – transforming businesses with unique plant installations. We envisioned a visually captivating piece that showcased the beauty of their work while also providing essential information for potential clients. This included details about the design process, plant care services, and the benefits of incorporating greenery into commercial spaces.

Iterating for Optimum Impact: A Journey of Refinement

The trifold design underwent seven iterations, ensuring it resonated with the target audience and functioned seamlessly in the marketplace. Each revision focused on enhancing clarity, visual appeal, and brand consistency.  We meticulously reviewed print quality and color consistency across all panels, ensuring the final product was not only informative but also a vibrant representation of Living Decor Store's brand identity.

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